We recognize the evolution of beauty standards today. Social media steadily dictate new physical guidelines every day;  there being an increase within surgery and the obsession within digital manipulation in the way for which we portray ourselves to our society. It is common today for people to get Botox, hyaluronic acid on their lips, cheekbones, chin, jawline, smile lines. People get their eyes pulled, and their face filled. While surgery is prevalent, digital filters on Snapchat, Instagram, or other applications bring the same effects for those who will not go through the length of surgery or physical procedures.

Through design, we create a device that provides an instant facial modification aiming to increase the ideal of today’s beauty standard instantly by pulling the face for a surgical effect—essentially called analog filters.

Everyone’s head is shaped differently. For our device, adjustability is essential, as we want a tightening effect on each user’s face. We integrated a knob system. As the knob is turnt, a wire is pulled from the opposite side of the device, adjusting the piece as tight as desired.

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